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Just Grab Your Lunch and Go!

reuseYour Grab & Go choices have expanded! Introducing a "Hot" Grab & Go option, Fall 2016!

Be a sustainable bomber and choose to reuse with a reusable container! Hot Grab & Go is available from 11:30 am to 2 pm, Monday through Friday, at all three Dining Halls on campus! Participation is simple and is at no added cost to you!*

To opt in, follow these 5 easy steps:

   1- Go to the designated Grab & Go entrance
   2- Swipe in for lunch
   3- Request your green container from the cashier*
   4- Provide your name and ID number
   5- Customize your delicious lunch, from anywhere in the dining hall!

Are you a returning customer?
No problem! Return your used container to the cashier and receive a chip to redeem for a fresh one for your next G&G meal.

*You must return your used container to your cashier prior to receiving a new one.

Cold Grab & Go - A convenient lunch "to go" option

Don't forget, Cold Grab & Go options are also available, get yours at the Library Cafe and Dillingham Cafe, Monday through Friday, 10:45 am to 1:15 pm. Cold lunch options include a sandwich, a snack (fruit or chips), 1 cookie and a beverage.

If you've got a meal plan you're all set, just swipe at the register! Don't have a meal plan? It's simple just sign up for meal plan today!

Meal Plan Breakdown for Grab & Go Services

  • Carte Blanche meal plans: Unlimited dining hall meals, including 1 take-out lunch
  • 14+, 10+, 7+ meal plans: Up to 3 meals per day, including 1 take-out lunch

Hours of Operation

Week of: 03/19/2018 - 03/25/2018

Dillingham Cafe:
Monday - Friday: 10:45 a.m. - 1:15 p.m.

Library Cafe:
Monday - Friday: 10:45 a.m. - 1:15 p.m.

Terrace, Towers and Campus Dining Halls:
Monday - Friday: 11:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Saturday - Sunday: Closed

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