Dining Services

Resident Dining Halls

Welcome! Ithaca College offers three resident dining halls on campus: Terrace Dining Hall, Towers Dining Hall and Campus Center Dining Hall.

At all three, choose from our selection of: soups, salad bar, deli, pizza, pasta, bagels, fruit, cereal, fresh baked desserts, specialty food menus and a variety of healthy options, including whole grains, low fat dairy, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and lean meats.  

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Gluten-Free foods are available in Terrace, Towers and Campus Center Dining Halls.

For convenient, accessible gluten-free choices, visit the Gluten-Free Pantries in Terrace Dining Hall (next to Simple Servings), Towers Dining Hall (next to salad dressings).

Each gluten-free pantry provides food items for individuals with celiac disease and gluten intolerance. And, don't forget to visit My Zone, in the Campus Center dining hall. My Zone is a dedicated area free of: tree nuts, peanuts and gluten. Each pantry, including My Zone, provides a dedicated microwave and toaster oven to prevent cross-contamination. 

The Mindful Program

The Mindful station uses low fat cooking techniques like steaming, poaching, and grilling. Maximizing nutrients while controlling calories, as well as substituting spices for less sugar. You will find a variety of choices with satisfying flavors, full plates and healthy indulgence at the Mindful station.

Look for these icons and find Mindful dishes being served at each of the dining halls.


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