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Residence Hall Students

All on campus residents (except Garden and Circle Apartments) are required by Ithaca College to have a meal plan. Students assigned to residence halls can choose from 9 different meal plans (see below or click here for meal plan rates and information).

2017-2018 Meal Plan Information

  • Carte Blanche: Unlimited dining during the hours of operation at any resident dining hall, plus bonus bucks and 3 guest passes.
    • Platinum: $400 Bonus Bucks Cost: $3,904 per semester.
    • Gold: $250 Bonus Bucks Cost: $3,754 per semester.
    • Blue: $100 Bonus Bucks Cost: $3,604 per semester.
  • 14+ Plans: Up to 3 meals per day, 14 meals per week during the hours of operation at any resident dining hall, Bonus Bucks and 3 guest passes.
    • Platinum: $480 Bonus Bucks Cost: $3,751 per semester.
    • Gold: $330 Bonus Bucks Cost: $3,601 per semester.
    • Blue: $180 Bonus Bucks Cost: $3,451 per semester
  • 10+ Plans: Up to 3 meals per day, 10 meals per week during the hours of operation at any resident dining hall, Bonus Bucks and 3 guest passes.
    • Platinum: $570 Bonus Bucks Cost: $3,590 per semester.
    • Gold: $420 Bonus Bucks Cost: $3,440 per semester.
    • Blue: $270 Bonus Bucks Cost: $3,290 per semester

Additional Information

Every meal plan comes with an allotment of bonus bucks, they are tax-free bucks that work as a declining balance on the student's ID card and can be used at all dining locations on campus. Bonus bucks can be reloaded in $25 increments under the Shop Now tab on our web site. Click here for more detailed information on the Meal Plan Rates and other pertinent information.

All participants must have their Ithaca College ID card to access their meal plan. Meal plans are based on a seven day week that begins on Friday and ends on Thursday to ensure enough meals are available over weekends. Unused meals do not carry over to the following week. Meal plans are exclusively for the participant's use only. However, each meal plan comes with three guest passes per semester; these passes can be used for any guest or for the participant. Guest passes are preloaded onto the Ithaca College ID card and expire at the end of each semester, they are not carried forward to the next semester.

All incoming students required to be enrolled on a meal plan will be automatically defaulted to the 14+ Blue meal plan. Returning students required to be on a meal plan will be defaulted to the plan they had the previous semester. There are many meal plan options available; please review the information regarding different meal plan options and how to change your meal plan

Please direct all meal plan questions to the Ithaca Dining Services main office: (607) 274-1187 or email to dine@ithaca.edu.

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Having trouble selecting a meal plan? 

Try considering your daily routine… Do you eat three meals a day? Will your class schedule, studying, extracurricular activities and social events interfere with dining? Will you miss dinner due to employment or evening classes? Anticipating the answers to these and similar questions will help you to select a meal plan that best fits your lifestyle.

Should you need further information or assistance in selecting a plan, please feel free to contact us at (607) 274-1187.

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