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Off Campus and Apartment Students

Know the benefits of a Voluntary Meal Plan

Living off campus or in the Garden and Circles Apartments? You can enroll in a meal plan any time during the semester! Meal plans are packed with benefits: no cooking, no dishes, no hassle, no worries! And you won't lose your parking spot! Eating on campus is convenient, allowing the commuter student to manage their hectic schedule. Garden Apts., Circles Apts., and Off-Campus students can enroll in any of the Carte Blanche, 14+, 10+ or Off Campus and Apartment meal plans at any time during the semester. 

2017-2018 Meal Plan Information

  • Off Campus and Apartment: Up to 3 meals per day, 7 meals per week during the hours of operation at any resident dining hall, and Bonus Bucks. (For Circles Apts, Garden Apts and Off Campus students only)
    • Platinum: $410 Bonus Bucks Cost: $1,700 per semester.
    • Gold: $260 Bonus Bucks Cost: $1,550 per semester.
    • Blue: $110 Bonus Bucks Cost: $1,400 per semester
  • Carte Blanche: Unlimited dining during the hours of operation at any resident dining hall, plus bonus bucks and 3 guest passes.
    • Platinum: $400 Bonus Bucks Cost: $3,904 per semester.
    • Gold: $250 Bonus Bucks Cost: $3,754 per semester.
    • Blue: $100 Bonus Bucks Cost: $3,604 per semester.
  • 14+ Plans: Up to 3 meals per day, 14 meals per week during the hours of operation at any resident dining hall, Bonus Bucks and 3 guest passes.
    • Platinum: $480 Bonus Bucks Cost: $3,751 per semester.
    • Gold: $330 Bonus Bucks Cost: $3,601 per semester.
    • Blue: $180 Bonus Bucks Cost: $3,451 per semester
  • 10+ Plans: Up to 3 meals per day, 10 meals per week during the hours of operation at any resident dining hall, Bonus Bucks and 3 guest passes.
    • Platinum: $570 Bonus Bucks Cost: $3,590 per semester.
    • Gold: $420 Bonus Bucks Cost: $3,440 per semester.
    • Blue: $270 Bonus Bucks Cost: $3,290 per semester

Additional Meal Plan Information

To add a Voluntary Meal Plan please visit The Office of Student Financial Services located in the Peggy Ryan Williams Center. Click here for detailed meal plan rates and other pertinent information. 

A Meal Plan provides you with convenience and flexibility.

  • Dining with a plan gives you flexibility in your daily routine and extra time to do the things you like to do. 
  • Special stations and themed events provide a break from every day stress and provide you with delicious themed meals, opportunities to win prizes, enter sweepstakes and more. Check out IC Dining on FacebookInstagram and Twitter to get connected.
  • Bonus Bucks are tax-exempt. Save tax on all food purchases on campus at 10 retail locations!
  • 3 guest passes per semester. Use them on your friends or yourself!
Please direct all meal plan questions to the Ithaca Dining Services main office: (607) 274-1187 or email dine@ithaca.edu.
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Having trouble selecting a meal plan? 

Try considering your daily routine… Do you eat three meals a day? Will your class schedule, studying, extracurricular activities and social events interfere with dining? Will you miss dinner due to employment or evening classes? Anticipating the answers to these and similar questions will help you to select a meal plan that best fits your lifestyle.

Should you need further information or assistance in selecting a plan, please feel free to contact us at (607) 274-1187.

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