It’s easy as 1-2-3! 1. Go to HomerConnect and log in with your user ID and Pin 2. Click on Student, Financial Aid, Residential Life & Health Services > Meal Plan Selection 3. Make your plan selection, submit and confirm your plan HomerConnect

Meal Plan swipes can be used in Terrace, Towers, & Campus Center Dining Halls, and at Grab and Go locations. Bonus Bucks can be used at any on-campus retail location: Sandella's Café, Food Court, SubConnection, CHS Café, Park Café, Library Café, Circles Market/Sandella's Express, Business School Cafe and Dillingham Cafe.

Click here to order Bonus Bucks! You can add them to your student’s account in $25 increments.

Bonus Bucks are supplement to the meal plan and can be used in any campus location that sells food items. Bonus Bucks are tax exempt and must be used within the Academic Year. ID Express is a debit account opened through Ithaca College and not associated with Dining Services. For more information on ID Express, please visit:

Bonus Bucks must be used within the Academic Year. Bonus Bucks will carry over from the Fall Semester to the Spring Semester, but any unused funds will expire at the end of May during the current Academic Year. (Note: If a meal plan is not continued into Spring semester, any leftover Bonus Bucks will be forfeited after the meal plan Change period, which usually runs about two weeks into the semester).

Our offerings to those requiring special diets are located here. If you are having difficulty finding food that fits your needs, please contact us at or ask to speak to a manager or supervisor on duty for assistance. 

Students now automatically roll over to the meal plan they had the previous year. When students live in an apartment or off campus, they would have the option to participate in the 7+ Platinum, 7+ Gold or 7+ Blue meal plans or to opt out. The current guidelines would be applied for making changes to their meal plan.

If you have an isolating sickness, such as influenza, or you are too sick to leave your room, you can still get a hot meal from the dining hall! Please click here for instructions.